WARNING: You may role play my OC for my FNAF Fan Movie but don't steal my OC, This is for role play for my FNAF Fan Movie. - Ronwellnagales28

Bonnie Otsutsuki is Bonnie's Long Lost Brother and Fredwell's best friend and only rival.


His age was 40 as he was created in 1975.


When Bonnie Otsutsuki was young and participate in singing contest and lost against his childhood friend, Fredwell Fazbear as he was jealous of Fredwell's singing skills who is now his rival. As he left his home restaurant, Fredbear's Family Diner. 35 years later, He was convinced by his best friend and only rival, Fredwell to come to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza because something went wrong. Currently, Fredwell and Bonnie Otsutsuki are working together as a team to defeat Purple God who was the bigger threat than Purple Guy and the biggest threat for the entire world. For Day 1 since they shut down the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he is not concerned for the blonde little girl named Isabelle who was Fredwell's crush wearing knee length dress sitting on Fredwell's lap and doesn't mind about it. He was said to be genius and his heroic acts are for revenge and self-interest.

Movie RP

It will on movie RP in chat.

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