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You can read Bonnie's Adventure: The Truth. In fact, you may only read it, but don't edit it without Chiselerlikescheese's permission; unless you are fixing spelling mistakes. Also keep Mangle's gender how it is. Thank you.

This is the sequel to Bonnie's Adventure., read that first. I have not written it yet

New Characters

RAT (From FNaC): The REAL hero of this. He is smart, but not good in combat.

The Cat (Also from FNaC): RAT's brother, who is good in stealth, and better at fighting than RAT

The Unknown (From TRTF 5): The Cat and RAT's older cousin, who likes to eat. She's also short tempered

Buster (From TRTF 5): The Unknown's younger brother, who is kind and calm.

Old Characters


Toy Bonnie


Nightmare Bonnie




Golden Freddy: The guy who makes you think he's good and that RAT is evil, but it's the other way around

Torture Device (From TRTF5/The Return to Freddy's 5): He does not seem to do anything.

Corruptus (From Abandoned Discovery Island): He can distort space and time WIP

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