• HugeClockTowerFan

    More Rare Games

    November 17, 2017 by HugeClockTowerFan

    Awhile ago, I made a blog with a bunch of my rare games. Since that time, I've gotten a few more and others I owned went up in price. So... again!

    Like last time, each game's price is determined by a combination of eBay's trending price, Amazon prices, and game prices on Price Charting. Game prices are correct at the time of this post.

    If you guys show interest in this, I'll make another blog showing my more... "obscure" games that will include games that aren't exactly rare, but are unique and just plain weird.

    All of the games in this list except for the SNES and DS one are complete. The PS1 and Saturn manuals are actually the front box art itself. They slide out similar to music CD case covers. The reason why some PS1 games in this list ha…

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  • Kyogreswimming

    TF2 stereotypes

    November 16, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    Heyyy so before Diddles can i'ma do TF2 stereotypes HA-HAAAAAH

    Soilder: You may think these guys are new players, but a Soilder is a very good class,so lotsa good people play him.

    Pyro: Usually these are new players that use the pro strategy of w+m1. Then there are Pyros who add variety to their cookbook.

    Heavy: They exist. Dunno much else sine there are, like, 2.

    Spy: Either they are a god like Mr.Paladin, new players who gravitate towards him, or fucking japaneese weeaboos.

    Medic: Now, hese guys are odd. Either they focus on one person, are very chill, try battling the opposition, or rage at their team whenever they die.

    Demo: Like Diddles said, psychopaths.

    Engineer: These guys are actually very chill. Or they could be newbies who do not know …

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  • MettatonNeo44

    Kyo, Alpha, don't yell at me for this. Anyway, a few days ago I created Scientific Destruction, meant to be in the caliber of FC. It failed, and for a few reasons. Let me explain why I won't be continuing it first.

    Well, I kinda think it was basically kicked out of its inspiration, if that makes sense, by the end of the second part. Not to mention it wasn't really dynamic. It followed the formula of Intro==>Fight==>Free Periods==>Fight, repeat. I didn't really introduce anything new for each part, except Part 3, the most recent one.

    -Calamitas wasn't exactly a threat to some people, and could, in fact, be viewed as weak.

    -Hellfire Beings. I never really went anywhere with this species of beings, besides revealing that some characters were som…

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  • Cuphead's Gambling Addiction

    so uhh

    November 13, 2017 by Cuphead's Gambling Addiction

    ayy lmao

    sorry if there isn't much of anything on this page im new i just want to introduce self

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  • Fnafgamer935

    im back!

    November 13, 2017 by Fnafgamer935

    hey guys its been so long but now im here i tried to log back into my origional acount it woulnt let me sign in so new acount 

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  • TheLegend19876


    November 12, 2017 by TheLegend19876

    "I seen the terror that these imperial scum can do

    I seen the horrors of that they did, it made me think about this disgusting world

    I seen the pure power that they had after the battle of Calais...

    I seen the men that destroy everything in their path because of conquest, bloody monsters and men...


    Of Monsters and Men, coming soon...

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    Heyyy, welcome to a bad blog. Today we’re going to be going over overwatch hero stereotypes. This is just for fun, I’m not calling people out, legal stuff like that. Let’s start.

    Doomfist: You’ve watched Hokuto no Ken or One Punch Man. Probably both, actually.

    Genji: Genji players are either totally weebs or warpigs who think they’re great at the game but use Dragonblade and immediately die.

    McCree: As a McCree, I can attest to mains who think that they’re great at headshots. Some actually are, but some are just warpigs.

    Pharah: Watch our for Pharah mains. If they put in time to play a slower Soldier, they’re a badass.

    Reaper: Reaper mains usually aren’t all edgy. They just wanted the shotguns.

    Soldier 76: Usually a COD player, not really surpri…

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  • Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash


    November 12, 2017 by Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash

    For a RP I have a character with multible personality disorder and these personalities she has:

    Normal/paranoid: Normal text color

    Insane/Demonic/Aggresive: Dark Red color

    Childish: Magenta color

    Emotionless: DarkSlateGrey color

    Seducive: HotPink color 

    Aggresive: Crimson color

    Insane: Maroon

    Tada ^^

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  • StraightUpMenace

    Please like,

    i hope you like, my, cool mod i put lots off efforts into please donate i needl ots of money ever since my house burnt down last year, please i have been homeless and it gets really cold and scary at night please help i need helpm

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  • TheLegend19876

    yo what up its ya boy a legend piece of shit here and i will do a tasteful review of roblox

    roblox is the best game i ever played in my life , it is so imaginative that it beats any game out there

    the graphics are so realistic that the xbox one x doesn't need to exist, and it is WAY FUCKING BETTER then minecraft, minecraft is a sell out

    phantom forces is the best fps i ever played period, way better then cod and battlefield , nothing can beat it

    and it has a very good community and a very friendly one made up of great people and you can create anything like a FNAF Sister Location map or a mcdonalds map or a cod zom- get that shit out of here cod zombies is too gory we all seen how zombies can get deadly and gory

    i'll rate roblox 100 micheal p s…

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  • Phealan1


    • Ahem* 

    Sonic Forces is, in my opinion, a lot better than what the critics give it credit for. I would've preferred Modern Sonic to stay out of the game a little longer but his gameplay is quite well done. My avatar looks like an edgelord/roadman/military officer and the Cube Wispon is by far my favourite and the easiest for me.

    The game is quite challenging *AHEM* Metropolis *AHEM* Avatar Infinite Boss Fight *AHEM*. All jokes aside, this game was very thrilling and the soundtrack incredible. Some of the level design is questionable but you get used to it but BY GOD, INFINITE STOP HARASSING ME WITH THE INVERTED CON…

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  • Steven"SpringBubba"Savoy

    Hello,this is SpringBubba.

    I just wanted to know how you make a vote.

    Can someone please help me with this?

    Thank you anyone that does.-Steven"SpringBubba"Savoy

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  • Kyogreswimming

    Hunger Games twooooo

    November 10, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    i'ma steal Gold's idea LET'S GOOOOO

    jk he has credit for original idea


    "Bumblebee runs away from the Cornucopia."

    "The Dong grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty."

    Makes sense.

    "Kirby runs away from the Cornucopia."

    "Infinite runs away from the Cornucopia."

    "Diddy Knog runs away with a lighter and some rope."

    "Unicron runs away from the Cornucopia."

    k then

    "Mama Luigi breaks Megatron's nose for a basket of bread."

    "Ms Pauling runs away from the Cornucopia."

    "Bowsah retrieves a trident from inside the cornucopia."


    "Optimus Prime scares Calamitas away from the cornucopia."

    "Mata Nui rips a mace out of Rarity's hands."


    "Pinkie Pie finds a bag full of explosives."


    "Sari Sumdac runs away from the Corn…

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  • MettatonNeo44

    Overwatch Games

    November 9, 2017 by MettatonNeo44

    Because I am a dirty copier, I'm running a hunger games simulation with Overwatch characters. More specifically, all but Zenyatta and Moira. Let us begin. Also because I fear it might get boring, I'm only covering the kills.

    "Torbjorn unknowingly eats toxic berries."


    "Symmetra poisons Mercy's drink, but mistakes it for her own and dies."

    Pretty hard to tell things apart when you make them perfectly symmetric, Sym.

    "Junkrat falls into a pit and dies."

    Why didn't you use your landmine to get back out ;-;

    "Winston accidentally steps on a landmine."

    Oh, there it is.

    "Sombra, Lucio, and Soldier: 76 start fighting, but Lucio runs away while Sombra kills Soldier: 76."

    Lucio can run away, but Sombra's hacks keep Soldier from doing the same. A…

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  • Kyogreswimming

    I'm sorry.

    November 4, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    Now, if you arn't on the FC discord, this won't make sense. 

    I'm sorry.

    I fucked up. I got really angry because I just wanted to help somebody and the person I was trying to help began to try doing... something, i don't know what to call it, and I got really angry because I was only trying to help.

    So I stop in the midle of my typing, step away from my computer for a a minute taking deep breaths, I come back, and.....

    I've been... kicked, or banned, or whatever. You can imagine my anger when I see this.

    I listened, I thought to myself. I stopped!

    ​And then i started getting angry at everybody and being mean to friends, even when they were trying to be funny and just...

    I'm sorry.

    I wish Uber answered my dm instead of going to the server for help, …

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  • HugeClockTowerFan

    In my hands... I have the only known PC version of Plumber's Don't Wear Ties.

    Just watch that to know what I mean.

    Holy shit it's like meeting a celebrity for a game collector like me.

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  • DB511611

    top 2 horror movie

    November 1, 2017 by DB511611

    hallowen 2

    jungle 2 jungle

    the chaos emeralds allow me to feel

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  • Kyogreswimming


    October 31, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    (yes. another. kill me.)

    T'was as normal as it gets on Dinobot island. As in, Scrapper was playing fetch with a giant metal triceratops.

    Did I mention Scrapper was also a robot? No? Well now you know!

    "Catch!" Scrapper calls as he throws a log. Snarl- wagging his tail- chases after it. And he stumbles upon... Dirt Boss. "Ey, watch it! Your thing almost trampled me!" He growls, shaking his tiny arms. "Ohai, Dirt." Scrapper pays little attention as he walks over. "W- that's Dirt boss to you! Now c'mon, I got work for yah."

    "Eeeeh how about no?" Scrappr gives him a lil kick and sends Dirt Boss rollng. "Why you- that's it, in goes the shell!" He yells as he spits a Cerebro Shell at Snarl. Unfortunatley for dirt boss, Snarl has a thick metal hide. For…

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  • Steven"SpringBubba"Savoy

    Hello,I am new to this wiki,does anyone want to rp with me?

    If so comment below.

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  • DB511611

    Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song

    And I'll try not to sing out of key

    Todays lesson is about tropes and clichés and how to be original

    Take a seat on DB's lap and if you have any complaints, please yell them in my ear, my hearing ain't what it used to be sonny.

    For those of you who are primordal chimpanzees missing a chunk of brain, allow me to explain

    A cliché is a overused concept, opinion or phrase that is overused and is often considered unoriginal and shows lack of thought

    a cliché however, is not always a bad thing, if you use it right

    But most of the time, people use clichés all the time lazily or out of habit

    tropes are similar, and don't quote me on the definiton, but I consider tropes to be more of an overused repeated character…

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  • Official Leobear Productions

    hey guys i'm leaving forever, i liked you all,Some of you reported my actions. i respect you all, i mostly liked 

    IronBoy88: I liked your name and profile picture, really i liked your profile pic because it fitted with your name

    Kyogreswimming: Well i really liked your name and pic it fits you and you did what you needed to do report me,that was tough of you to do that

    Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash: I liked you because why not

    Smt64: I liked you too because you like SMG4 i like SMG4 and you have a very impressive name

    Neon1Umbreon: i was impressed by you, your name also impressed me

    6f5e4d: I liked you because you had a profile pic of one of my favorite clones from star wars, that really impressed me

    for everyone else i liked you all, you all impressed me …

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    [Nuclear Bunker H7, REDACTED, Russia]

    ​[It has been two months since the fallout of a bad blog. The creator has finally opened the lead lined door of his own nuclear bunker, and is speaking his first words since the last blog. He speaks them: "Well it's time to do this again."]

    Heyyyy, everybody, welcome to another... really bad blog. Last time we met, I had made some audio logs about various topics AND I HAVE TO SCRAP MY EFFORTS LOL

    Sernandoe is actually improving, didn't think that was possible... nobody cares about Jake Paul or Behind The Meme. Huh. LipsyJimmy? Maybe I can stay on schedule and not have to scrap stuff?

    Anyway, today, to get back in the swing of things, I'm talking about Rainbow Six Siege, which believe it or not, Overwatch t…

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  • Kyogreswimming


    October 29, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    So it was a normal day aboard the Nemesis. Stars were shining, planets were dying, and Starscream was stroking his chin. However, this would all change.

    "Boom lakka lakka! Wap-pow-pow-pow!" was what Blackarachnia heard this morning. Her, being a bitch, leaned outside her door (yes, they have rooms; EVIL rooms!) to yell at Blitzwing to stop.

    Only it wasn't Blitzwing.

    "Boom lakka lakka! Wap-pow-pow-pow!" Lugnut exclaims as he drives his bmper car down the Nemesis's corridor. "What the slag?" BA asks as she rubs her eyes. No, she was right, this was Lugnut. What's even weirder is that he had a lance. She looked down the other hallway. It was... Megatron? The fuck? He also had a bumper car and a lance. "ZEEEEEEEEERM!" Megatron yells as he slooowly…

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  • Kyogreswimming

    A cringe review

    October 28, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    Okay, so you know how a while back on the Fnaf wikia Gold made a post about his commentary on Kamen Rider?


    ​So begins my commentary of Transform and Roll out of TFA.

    (please note I am doig this from memory. Thankfully, I have a very good memory and have watched it recently.)


    Sweet, Optimus has G1 on blu-ray

    Yes Ratchet, go insult taht crap. Not like you guys will never se a decepticon.

    N-no, Ratchet, don't use Mnenosurgery on him.

    Bulkhead came in like a wrecking ball?

    Hm, choppy- choppy.

    Prowl; 10/10 team player.

    HMMMMM I WONDER WHAT'S MAKING THIS GLOW?! *chops rock in half*

    Hmmm Decepticons. Go eat your words, Ratchet.

    Ratchet, how does a cube- incapable of mo…

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  • Phealan1

    Tournament Update

    October 15, 2017 by Phealan1

    Yes, the tournament is going ahead. It should be out by Christmas I hope.

    I'm still unsure of the rules so if you would like something to be added or removed, have your say in the discussion thread.

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  • MettatonNeo44

    Because I am a dirty badge farmer have grown a lot since I first made the original, I feel like I have to update this.

    Angela, no doubt. I just play her so ruthlessly, but with some moral conflict thrown in there. If any of you have seen her in action, you know what I mean.

    Still Marcus, though now he has an extra layer to him.

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  • Phealan1

    So, the DBS 1 hr special just dropped and I'm lost for words.

    The animation, the choreography, Limit Breaker Goku!

    The beginning of the fight against Jiren was spectacular, it showed the massive gap between Goku and Jiren. The way that everyone else in the arena was just watching the fight to see who would emerge victorious was one of the greatest parts of this. The Spirit Bomb struggle was truly mind-blowing too, and the fact that Goku made a black hole and then absorbed the energy of the Spirit Bomb before it all collapsed in on itself, turning into Limit Breaker Goku, was probably the climax of this whole special. From there, Goku proceeds to fodder the shit out of someone he needed Blue to beat before and then go toe to toe with Jiren on…

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  • Phealan1

    Yet Another Teaser

    October 5, 2017 by Phealan1

    "All of our warriors have fallen...!"

    "That means we're...we're...!"

    A bright light surrounded the fighters and the spectators of that franchise. Soon they just vanished along with memories of them and their home worlds.

    Everyone present had already forgotten them. But that was the least of their worries.

    Will you survive?

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  • Kyogreswimming

    Closed.... EARYLY?

    October 4, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    Yes, I decided to close the poll early. Now let me explain;

    Design 2 got the most votes, but I have decided to save that for later.

    That said, Design three is the Devil Giratina design! YIPPEEEEEEE!

    Thank you to whoever voted! Design 2 WILL return in due time, preferably at the end on the Devil Giratina arc......

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  • Kyogreswimming

    Devil Giratina

    October 4, 2017 by Kyogreswimming

    So, as you know, there will a Giratina sub-arc/arc in Fictional Chaos that will bring back .EXE. (at least that's what me and Iron agreed on, and I'm fairly sure EXE's retrn is the next arc, right? Tell me if I'm wrong.)

    Now, because I am a lazy bitch, I have not created my own design.

    So, I decided to do something exciting (for me, at least): Make it a vote!

    (i do not claim ownership to these designs do not sue)

    This poll closes on Saturday, 6:00 EST.

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    I Don't Even Know

    October 4, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    A young man on the verge of manhood stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the second of October, is this young man's birthday. Though it was nineteen years ago he was given life, it is only today that he will be given a name!

    What will this young man's name be?

    ==> Enter Name:



    ==> Try Again:


    ==> Emu: Examine room

    Your name is EMU HOJO. As was previously mentioned, it is your BIRTHDAY. It is also the eleventh anniversary of the day you officially RECOVERED FROM A HORRIBLE CAR ACCIDENT, but you really DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT THAT.

    You have a variety of interests. Ever since the aforementioned HORRIBLE CAR ACCIDENT, you aspire to be a doctor. You're thinking PEDIATRICIAN. You were always good with…

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So remember this

    Yeah I have some more ideas

    An idea I got after reading the Fridge page for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid on TVTropes.

    Basically, an AU that splits off from the show by having two theives use Kamen Rider Chronicle's Ride Player armor to effortlessly pull off a robbery in a high-security bank between episode 35 and episode 36.

    Basically, a retelling of the series if all the Gashats were switched around in level and when they were accessed.

    I think the swap I was aiming for here was most recent game genres = least powerful, and oldest game genres = most powerful.

    It's a Piemations Undertale crossover AU featuring characters he's used in his animations

    That is all

    Yes I am officially a Homestuck fan now

    So this, in a nutshell, would be a fusion …

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  • That Starman that hides in the corner

    (holy fuck guys starman didn't make a fucking crossover for once)

    The end of the world happened pretty much as we anticipated. Overpopulation, not enough resources to go around...

    The first nukes to go off killed billions in minutes. The rest of the world came in a few hours. The unlucky ones got to sift through the remains, trying to piece together what had happened and attempting to make sense of the changed world around them. A new world. A world plagued by mutations, bandits, and the Phantom Death.


    Crowded Past, Lone Future

    a thingy loosely based on fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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  • Phealan1


    September 23, 2017 by Phealan1

    "Let us commence!"

    The fighters rushed at each other, they gave it all they had, they had no other choice, losing meant erasure. One by one, the Fighters dwindled.

    Who will survive? Who will be forgotten forever?

    No one is safe now, everything is on the line. Prove your worth and fight!

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  • Starscream1998

    So I was going through some of my old notes for FNAF and stumbled across an old fanfiction idea. Basically it went a little like this:

    - Purple Guy's wife is the marionette (yes not the puppet that's how ooooold this thing is)

    - They had a son who got Fredbear (no joke I predicted FNAF 4 before FNAF 4 was a thing).

    - Purple Guy is Phone Guy and Golden Freddy

    - Mike is part of Salvage who is also the 4 main animatronics.

    - FNAF 2 is a sequel not a prequel


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  • Dragonian72

    Because every rp i've had here has failed or otherwise been abandoned, I think I'll just give up for a while.

    I'll be back... eventually.

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  • Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash

    So on school Im doing this project with mice.

    So I could choose 2 mice

    And these are my mice

    This is Torture:

    He is my male mouse, he bit me really hard and my finger bled so he is evil...

    And this is Psycho:

    She is my female mouse, she is calmer then Torture and she is cute

    When my mice got babies I will update this

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Quick Update

    September 21, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    Ok, so, long story short...I have homework backlog. A lot of homework backlog.

    Thankfully, I have a plan that'll allow me to get it done by Friday...but at the expense of not being able to post before or after school hours. And not being able to get on Discord whatsoever.

    Also, to avoid this from happening again, my activity during school hours in general is going to drop like a rock. Because, admittingly, this was kind of a distraction...and the entire reason why I got so much homework backlog. So, yeah. I'm probably only going to post during lunch and...that's about it.

    Figured you should know.

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  • Ubertheif

    Okay, so there's alot of times in the run we've had where I could of ended it all, so I'm going to give each on their own ending, if you joined after the ending would of tooken place, you characters aren't going to be present yada yada ya

    The first place it could of ended

    The heroes looked up, being badly beaten, they were at the mercy of the villains now.

    Vriska smiled, "Let's kill them all!!!!!!!!"

    Even John's sudden appearance could not change the tide, the heroes were killed, one by one, as darkness fell across the omniverse.

    Chaos reigned supreme, and no one was there to stop it.


    obviously this took place during the 1st act, instead of the heroes being captured, they were murdered for fun. There is no redemption for this ending, and with…

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  • Shadow Ennard

    Fnaf sl rolepley

    September 18, 2017 by Shadow Ennard

    You can use your own fnaf oc or a fnaf character also make sure you roleplay

    Enjoy the music its called -follow me- by tryhardninja 

    Also you can only choose one oc or fnaf character that way its fair to others

    P.s. im rarely on in the day so its easier for to text me at 10:00pm or higher

    Or if you want you can but you may get a late response.

    Rp URL:

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  • Phealan1


    September 15, 2017 by Phealan1

    So, a while ago I made a blog about an RP that I was thinking of making.

    The RP was about a multi-franchise battle royale with set rules that makes it fairer and not entirely one sided.

    Yeah, I still want it to happen and it is in the works but I was wondering if you guys want it sooner. If you guys express interest then I'll try my best to get it out in a few weeks. If a little interest is shown then I might get it out in a month or 2. This all depends on you guys.

    Also, another thing, should it be invite only? I kinda only want people that I know can roleplay fairly but I know I'd feel bad about the rest that want to join or express interest that didn't get in. Lemme know.

    And would you guys like any rules to be added?

    Should there be a stren…

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  • MettatonNeo44


    September 15, 2017 by MettatonNeo44

    So, in addition to starting High School recently, I'm also on the competitive Overwatch team of said high school. As some of you may predict, this will take up a lot of my free time. Just thought I should let you know.

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  • Goldeaglefire1


    September 15, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    Crunch. Crunch.

    A battle-weary girl walks in the snow of a peaceful world, unaware that her torementors are close behind.

    A thunderous roar and a piercing screech.

    A bird of fire dives towards a black dragon with fire running down it's back.

    A roaring gust.

    The sound two groups of pilots hear when their robots collide and fall.

    A giant shell in the wrong world.

    The starting place for two dead evils to merge into one.

    Somewhere outside of time and space.

    The home of a growing void.


    A RP Coming this Saturday


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  • BlackDragonKid

    So if you have seen the page, You know what new fall looks like. But here is a picture of OLD fall. 

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  • Phealan1

    Okay Guys

    September 12, 2017 by Phealan1

    Hey guys! Ishaggedurmum69 here, back at it again with another blog.

    I'm back from my 69th hiatus this year.

    Move along now, I got shit to do.

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  • Manglefox9846


    September 11, 2017 by Manglefox9846


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  • Terrainsponge23theory

    New RP Trailer

    September 9, 2017 by Terrainsponge23theory

    Hey guys Terrain here, I've thought of a new idea for an RP. It is based on this channel. This guy is known for his electro swing remixes. So I want to make a RP revolving around those remixes. I'll call it The Old Time because most of this stuff in the videos are characters from different series that came from this era styled like old timey characters. So anyone interested? If so I'll launch it after Mettaton is unbanned.

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  • PeacefullyBlissful

    Just wondering.

    September 8, 2017 by PeacefullyBlissful

    Does anyone on the wiki have an interest in Danganronpa? I'm thinking of doing a crossover RP with its plot.

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  • Donotdiddlekids

    hey guys it's ya boi diddles back with the terrible blogs

    today, im not gonna be talking about jake paul... i know, what a surprise right, i don't talk about jake paul or "england is my city and north america is my state"

    however, im talking something positive, and it's a great great thing

    my main man pyrocynical, who i totally copy for these blogs... maybe i shouldn't say that on post

    my man pyro is back and alive, he posted a one hour video today and it is just

    the second coming of the good lord danny devito is here now, pray to trash man himself

    because he throws garbage, and he was also in hercules and that movie was great ok

    well, it can't be all positive, as you know creation club is a thing so

    im posting my own mod and selling out boys, it'…

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  • Ubertheif

    Lost: Awakenings

    September 5, 2017 by Ubertheif

    I'm not sure why i'm doing this nobody is going to see this......

    Ay! So you clicked here! As some of you know, especially if your on the DAGames Fan Server (discord, I don't think any of you are), I'm actually making a game, ooooooo

    Anyways, it's being made in RPGMaker MV, the same one that Dayshift at Freddy's 1 and 2 were made in, but i'm using it to make a rpg, not a visual novel, anyways....

    Here; enjoy some pictures I guess?

    yeah, anyways. there's that.

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