• Goldeaglefire1

    So Metta Left

    July 23, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1


    It's not that big of a deal, really



    Talking to him via another wiki

    What an amazing concept

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Random Sketch

    July 22, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    So I decided to draw some characters from one of my Undertale Crossover AU ideas (as seen here).

    Going into detail, from left to right, top to bottom:

    1. Animatale Dan. I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out - only part I really don't like is his shoes. Also, for those wondering, he's wearing the jacket and hat from The Ski Trip.

    2. Animatale Twilight. I'm less satisfied with this one, but good lord this style was hard to draw, so I'm a bit more easy on myself here. Her outfit is a combination of the two she wears in Winter Wrap Up.

    3. Twilight: *Dan! You turned the invisible electricity maze off!

    Dan: *Did I? Did I really?

    Twilight: *Yes. If you look at the labels on the switch - that you're leaning on - you can see that it's currently of…

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  • MettatonNeo44

    So I made this in an attempt to learn your views on certain OCs both you and others have created. Please leave your opinions and why in the comments section.

    There are two options I could think of that would fit here. Professor Laura Victorian and Amy Ceri. However, because of her character development, I believe the superior OC to be Victorian. At first, she's a bitchy, sadistic professor. However, after one learns the reasons for her actions, I grew to love her. She is still the main antagonist in my roleplays if they feature OCs.

    For this category, the choice is hard. Let me say right now that I enjoy all of your OCs, and I believe them all to be great. However, the OC I favor the most is Marcus, created by A.L.P.H.A. the AI. At first, hi…

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Title says it all.

    EDIT: Added more


    So, the idea here is that the monsters start to integrate into society after being freed from the Underground when the main monsters meet Dan around the time he gets assigned to anger management for nearly causing a nuclear apocalypse over a family of squirrels.

    Hilarity ensues.

    Or: Homeworld isn't the only one experimenting with Gem shards. In this, humanity forged the Core Medals from the shards of fallen Gems. So, naturally, when the Greeed are awakened and start wreaking havoc, this causes a few issues for the Gems. Then those problems are compounded when Ankh decides to give Steven the OOO Driver.

    This presents a few interesting prospects. The Greeed don't need Cell Med…

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  • The Doctor - Time Lord Victorious








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  • Ubertheif


    July 17, 2017 by Ubertheif

    I need to get some things off my chest.

    Some of you on discord saw the poem i posted a day or two ago. I'd like to go into further meaning about that

    So those of you who read it saw that someone, a male was talking to the person writing it was clearly sad about something that happened to Her.

    That Her is my mother, and the He is my father.

    Now, my mother is great, but she's not without her problems, she has bipolar depression, which I've known about for awhile, but I've always shrugged it off.

    So, last summer i had a HUGE spike of activity compared to my normal times after that, it was because my Mom got addicted to something, before she had left, the night she found out she flipped out and started yelling about a divorce, that's really the las…

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So I Did a Thing

    July 16, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    And now I'm back in control...

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  • EVILGoldeaglefire


    July 13, 2017 by EVILGoldeaglefire

    So, currently Gold is screaming in rage because he tried to start up the next episode for the Other Ninety Percent and he accidentally pressed some combination of keys on his keyboard just as he was typing up the title. And he can't edit the title, so he had to put a deletion template in.

    Normally, I'd be laughing at his suffering, but this is actually very annoying for me because I'm fairly sure reading five chapters of a bad fanfic would be even worse - and this is delaying that!


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  • IttyBittyCiss

    5. Discrate by Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash - I like how Discrate is first a b****, then becomes nice after she knows you, like my OC Toy Timmy.

    4. 64 Bot by Smt64 - This guy was the inspiration for Timmy, Kiss and Diamond's stupidity. He is also fun to RP with, and my character Ciss the Cat likes him ^^

    3. Zypurra by KittySL - I like this mind-controlling tiger, how could you not? She is evil, but not pure evil, and she gets along with my characters :)

    2. Erick by 6f5e4d - This guy is very romantic, and he likes many characters, one being my OC Zinnia Afton. 

    1. Dire by Adventure Toy Foxy - I like how he begans to fight then talks it out, and he managed to persuade Nightmare Kitten, which is almost impossible. I just really like this guy :3

    Edit 1: Woo…

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  • EVILGoldeaglefire

    Apparently, Gold's working on "the novelization of The Revolution", whatever The Revolution is.

    It's funny, really, considering his track record of unfinished fanfics. And now I know when to spring the next episode of the Other Ninety Percent on him...


    Also, evil things.


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  • TheBearNamedFred

    Regarding TWP

    July 11, 2017 by TheBearNamedFred

    I'm not going to post the fanfic in a series of blog posts for space and time reasons. Follow it on DeviantArt and FanFiction.

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  • Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash

    Name: Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash or Rainbow

    Animatronic or human: Animatronic fox

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18, programmed to


    Personality: mostly nice, but can be aggresive, gets quickly stressed and can be slightly psycho in instressed and stuff and the way she acts in crowds

    Version: Original

    Likes: Horror movies, Energy drinks, her phone, friends, family, TC (Obvlious) and the other counterparts from Chica

    Dislikes: Being told what to do, getting presure and being insulted by specific words


    Name: Toy Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash or Toy Rainbow

    Animatronic or human: Animatronic chicken

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18, programmed to


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  • MettatonNeo44

    So, anybody here play Smash 4 on the 3ds? If so, who do you main, and would you like to play me anytime soon? Hey, would you look at that, the title wasn't clickbait.

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  • Neon1Umbreon


    July 10, 2017 by Neon1Umbreon

    This is Neon again if you didn't know, but I'll be on a sort of hiatus from today to Saturday as I'm going camping in a part of my state with spotty connection. Whenever we go into town I'll try to post a bit, but I will return sometime Saturday to my normal schedule.

    That is all, you may carry on now.

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  • EVILGoldeaglefire

    If you couldn't already tell by my username, I am EVIL GOLD! But you can call me E-Gold for short.

    As you can see here, I have taken control of Gold's account! No longer will I be neglected in a supply closet!

    So, until the next episode of The Other Ninety Percent, I will be the one commenting on blogs and all sorts of fun things!

    ...I'll still let him out to roleplay, though. I don't have the patience for it.


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  • Goldeaglefire1

    ~~As Roadhog~~

    Me: So, we're attacking? Alright - I'll distract them.

    • one moment of me taking the side later*

    Me: Alright, they're focused entirely on my team, haven't noticed me yet...time to give them something else to worry about.

    • charges forward guns blazing*


    Another Fight

    Me: Alright...the enemy will think the point is undefended, but in reality, I'm here in the corner, unseen! MUAHAHAHAHA!

    • Enemy D.Va comes in*

    Me: ...Crap.

    Another Fight

    Me: And there's the point! Time to be a distraction!

    • goes on the point while the rest of the team goes ahead*

    Me: ...Uh, hello? Is anyone going to stop me? Seriously, the capture meter is over halfway at this point, someone should probably-

    • enemy approaches*

    Me: There we go...

    ~~As Lúc…

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  • Dragonian72


    July 8, 2017 by Dragonian72

    ignore this pls

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  • Phantomsanic360


    July 8, 2017 by Phantomsanic360

    This is an RP based off of SecondEdge's "Elite" style of roleplaying. It is set in the SCP Containment Breach universe. If anyone meets SecondEdge's requirements, then they are free to join. Just know, I will be controlling the main SCPs.

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  • TheSecondEdgeOfTheBlade

    ... Okay maybe I phrased that badly, but hey, it got your attention, right?

    In my time here (and back on the FNaF wiki when I was the biggest roleplayer around), I've noticed a few problems. Now I don't mean to be rude to anyone who actually likes what goes on here, but I find that there is a severe lack of quality in the roleplays. Everything falls into one or multiple of these categories:

    • Dies in under fifty parts
    • Only script or single sentence replies
    • Some huge crossover thing

    There are some other things I dislike, but I'll leave it at this. What REALLY irks me is that it's only the crossover things with no detail in their replies that get any life at all around here. Everything else falls into the first category, and just dies.

    I'm convinced…

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  • Phealan1

    Alright, so...

    July 5, 2017 by Phealan1

    As you (probably) know by now, Uber and MettatonNeo have started to make narratives based on their RPs.

    I was thinking that I should make one too.

    Should I make an RP narrative of The Rift? It never properly finished so I could continue the plot with it.

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  • That Starman that hides in the corner

    a tf2-fnaf crossover

    will anyone actually join it

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  • Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash


    July 4, 2017 by Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash

    Hi guys!! 

    I have vacation!!! yaay!!

    This means, Im more active! Yaay!

    I can draw the final things for my Wiki! Yay!

    It also means Im working more, what I like

    It also means Im on camp from 12 August till 19 August, Im looking foward to it!!

    So yeah... I have vacation

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    So, to celebrate, I made this!

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  • RWQFSFASXC395248


    July 3, 2017 by RWQFSFASXC395248

    All the oranges try to run
    To him it's much too fun
    By the toaster where he lies
    You'll most certainly be diced.

    His spinning blades are pulverizing
    He fills his cups by brutal juicing
    He won't let you get more fries
    He'll make fastfood demonized

    Always hums a lowly drone
    No more steaks or provolone
    Pears and grapes and broccoli
    Never again will you be free

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  • Official Leobear Productions

    gguys i think you know about scott announced on steam fnaf 6 is cancelled  thinking it's the end of Fnaf,well fnaf 6 was what we all think might be the final game Fnaf has no ending now.we all were inspired by scott to follow our dreams i know some of us are sad about fnaf 6 is was cancelled due to the fact scott neede more time with his family.i was inspired to do the same thing scott said to speand more time with family. what doyou guys think what will happen now will Fnaf not end or will it and how scott inspired you comment on the section below

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  • Super alex420


    "Trapped within' the nightmares of that lady named Charlie..."

    "... *Sigh* It's been so many years since this happened..."

    "...And now...I look like an abomination..."

    "...It all happened...because of THEM..."

    "...They were the reason I became this monster..."

    "Hahaha...I'll show them the same way I felt when my life was taken away..."

    "It's time for them to see..."



    Coming Soon...

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Quick Warning

    July 2, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    I'm going to be significantly less active in July. Why?

    1. Cherry festival.

    2. Drivers Ed.

    That is all.

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  • Lightning Flame Blast

    As I'm inactive and uninterested in this place and wikia as a whole, I might very well throw the shit at the fan before officially screwing off. Hiding my former account is pointless by now.

    I was this person. The TM4ster Foxer. Brazilian asshole guy (yes, guy) active from march 2015 to beginning of 2016, when I created Lightning to start over once I realised how retarded the original had been. Barely anyone still around will remember me from that time, but whatever.

    K, that's it. Farewell.

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  • That Starman that hides in the corner

    yesterday was my birthday



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  • MettatonNeo44

    Kay so I copied Uber cause it was fun.... anyway, I now present

    Aether Paradise. It was anything but. The paradise was home to the Alolan branch of the Aether Foundation. Their previous president, Lusamine, had gotten too insane to grasp the foundation in her control. Thus, Damien, a member of a group from Lavender Town, took over. He brought in many members of other evil teams, like Archie, Maxie, Guzma, Gladion, and Plumeria to be his admins. He also brought Anabel and Zinnia to the mix, the latter of which became his love interest. Eventually, the two were married and Aether was turning successful. But the true question is... how long will it last? Not long was fate's answer.

    To be continued.....

    It was June. Aether was currently doing wel…

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  • Ubertheif

    Fictional Chaos

    July 1, 2017 by Ubertheif

    Someone made a comment about how it's nearly impossible to turn a Roleplay into a narrtive.

    So I decided to do some shit.

    Fictional Chaos

    Act 1: Chaos begins


    It was a nice day out for the people.


    Nothing was out of the ordinary, everything was perfect.


    Too perfect.


    The characters had all be in their respective universes, when portals opened up underneath them all and dumped them into a world, the surroundings were green, nice and flowery, it was a meadow, with forests surrounding it on all sides.


    All of them reacted the same, confusion.


    “Why are we here?”


    “Where is here?”


    This and many more questions were asked.


    There are many we could focus on,but for now we shall focus on just a small number of these people.


    Their names are, and as follows;…

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Random Question

    June 30, 2017 by Goldeaglefire1

    So, I was searching the main FNaF wiki for a specific blog post, and I ended up finding this.

    Honestly, I kinda forgot about that FNaF2 oneshot I tried to write. But I can probably finish it.

    So...would anyone be interested in seeing that posted here?

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Hmmmm...well, I think my schedule's free enough. I think I'll make another roleplay!

    How about a crossover-

    ...or I could do an original RP and see where it goes from there. That works too.



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  • YngweeTDP

    The camera shows a mountain rock debris, after that, this scene my scare other people, but a blue hand came out suddenly inside the rock.

    Then it says, "Did you think it was the end?"

    After that, "It wasn't."

    The screen turns down and there's a voice says, "Proffesor Yokin, this wasn't like the plan, this wasn't like planned."

    Proffesor Yokin Replies, "Dumb fool, why did you made a mistake to the system programming?! You broke the Progrram AI Device?! Unbelieveable!"

    The scienctist proceeds, "Sorry sir, but it's starting to attacking the employees! Ripping they're insides!"

    After a couple of seconds, this sound heard, "AAAAAARGHHH!!!! NOOO!! (Dying sounds)

    Then Monring was shown stares at the camera holds his hand aiming to the camera like he wan…

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  • YngweeTDP

    You guys go and celebrate the 900th Page Anniversary!

    We reached 900 pages! Let's be happy! Where's your spirit? Come on! Wake up from the sadnesses! Be happy! This wiki has been great!

    Finally, we Reached our goal, Cries in Happiness because reached its goal

    This wiki has growen amazingly.

    God Bless You!

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  • YngweeTDP

    Number One Team

    June 25, 2017 by YngweeTDP

    I have made something!

    Let's form a 1# Team! It's job is to help people, make wiki grow bigger, and even help a wikia! There roles with different code names.






    Gesius : Falco

    Titanium : YNGWEETDP

    say of you wanna join! ;D

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  • YngweeTDP

    Hey, hey! Hey! You there! Yeah! You!

    Hey, I know you, your right? Come here! I want to show you somethin'!

    What is your opinion ?

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  • Adventure Toy Foxy

    Why is it that every time I try and do something, it fails?

    Every time I make a theory, everyone will disprove it and call it stupid.

    Every time I try to make or join an RP, that RP usually dies. I don't know why they just do.

    And usually, no one but my friends care about what I have to say.

    Should I keep going or quit wikis entirely?

    I don't know what to do...

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  • That Starman that hides in the corner

    the steam summer sale is upon us

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  • Neon1Umbreon

    PAX West 2017!!!

    June 21, 2017 by Neon1Umbreon

    Hello everyone Neon here! Now, I'm sure most of you have heard of PAX.

    So they take place in multiple places with different names so you can tell which is which. Most of you who know me well know that I live in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, the city where PAX West takes place. So, Uber and I have always wanted to go and have been begging our parents since we were 12. (I'm not that old guys.) And our birthday is in September, very close to the time PAX the is occurring at.

    So what did my parents decide to do for us this year for our birthday? PAX! And tickets aren't cheap.

    'AND in March/April we also may be going to the comic con held in Seattle by the name of Emerald City Comic Con, where Uber and I have been planning on cosplaying as H…

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  • Smt64

    Idea for rps?

    June 21, 2017 by Smt64

    Welp, I don't have any ideas for I need an idea..well I have one but I don't want to say it. :/

    (And no, not another freaking crossover, they are becoming bland and there is an lot of them at this point, infact it is the reason why I canned two crossover RPs I had (One was just 3 series but still an crossover) and an super big crossover...infact some users here (Such as SecondEdgeOfBlade (Sorry if I said your name wrong), DB, Stonebana, just to name a few), so does anyone on have an idea?

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  • Goldeaglefire1

    Just FYI.

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  • Adventure Toy Foxy

    I noticed that some wikis have vandalism and bullying problems. So I have decided to make a team of heroes devoted to protecting innocent users on this wiki and others. Who will join me? Note: This does not mean you get to mini-mod.

    • You can be any color you can think of.

    List of Rangers

    • Pink: Adventure Toy Foxy
    • Red: Falco
    • Blue: Rainbow "Foxy" Dash
    • Yellow: Smt
    • Green: IttyBittyCiss
    • Teal: Umbreon
    • Orange: Goldeaglefire
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  • XXCastAwayXx

    My Birthday

    June 21, 2017 by XXCastAwayXx
    Hello loves
    I just figured I would let everybody know my birthday is in three days, as of when this was made.
    I just figured I would let you guys know because why not.
    Oh well

    14:03, June 21, 2017 (UTC)
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  • That Starman that hides in the corner

    i need rp ideas

    right now im considering an scp-fnaf crossover

    so uh

    if any of you want to reserve scps (imma be bold and include joke scps) or animatronics just ask

    ocs allowed for both fnaf and class d's

    right now im taking 049, 079, 006-J, 420-J, 173-J, D-9341, 513, and 666-J

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  • Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash


    June 20, 2017 by Rainbow 'Foxy' Dash

    Hi guys, I have a question ^^

    This isnt FNaF relaeted, but it is from a horror game

    So... my question

    Whats so scary about Bendy? Cuz... I cant see whats so scary about him...

    He just looks.... boring to me... just like Boris, he also isnt scary to me...

    Can someone please tell me?

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  • BreeIsANerd

    So, I think we need more open rps with Fc's and stuff. I just thought why not make a high school thing for fun? Ok so, your 'student' can be a 'child' of a fnaf original character or just an Fc. You can role play canon characters and your Fc. Say the animatronic/canon character you want to role play. You can send in any kind of Fc form but it must say if they have a 'parent' or not.

    Name:Toby Fischard Age:16 Gender:Male Height:5'5 Looks(can be a link or not): hair-blonde-haircut-short pixie-skin-very pale-form-more of a pear shape, he's kinda chubby-glasses or not-he has contacts-eyes-Grey with a tint of green Is:basically a night guard(original age is 24) Preference:men Persona:Toby may be short and a little chubby, button can't judge a lo…

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  • Phantomsanic360

    Alarms blared in a government building, as security guards and government officials ran through the building.

    "It just keeps spreading sir!" A guard stuttered.

    "We need to contain this. Get me Washington!" A general said.

    A virus has seemingly appeared out of nowhere, in certain areas around the globe. In an effort to contain it, the world leaders set up domes to keep them out, while they think of ways to deal with this. Certain people have a natural resistance to the virus.

    The people have dubbed these areas, Plaguelands.

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  • YngweeTDP

    "Someone used a yellow costume," Phone Guy 2014, 6th night. (Puns Warning!)

    A yellow costume? What does phone guy mean?

    A Random Child : We know, it's Golden Freddy! Me : Shut up! Hear me loud n' clear!

    Know, we know that Fonn gayy (Another pun alert!) said "Someone used a yellow costume." Is it Springbonnie? Fredbear? I don't know.

    : IT'S SPRINGTRAP!!! (No one's responsible for this big caption.)

    Me : *whispers : But we're not sure yet!*

    Now discuss!

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  • Terrainsponge23theory

    So.. uh.... should I start a roleplay I had in mind?

    Here's a trailer.

    Each game prepares their weapons. They are ready to fight for the title.. "The Last Game"

    If so, I will set it up and go into detail.

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