BearLock (aka Spring Sally) is a Springlock animatronic created by Smt64 and is an animatronic that worked


at Fazbear-Candy-POPGOES merged.


When Bearlock is known as Spring Sally, she was a mascot at Dot's but moved to

Spring Sally

Spring Sally

Fazbear due to Budget problems, she later on moved to Spot's Diner and while performing, she saw a lady go to the backroom, she follow her and the lady put her in suit mode, causing her to be nothing but a suit, when the woman wear, they both lead 5 kids to the Backroom and murdered the 5...accidentally killing another one that was holding a plushie, the woman realized she kill her daughter get out the suit and sneaks out, slowly crying, years later at the late 90s, the lady walks to the Springlock suit and because of rain, the lady died in SpringSally. Years went by and when she looks around, she was in a merge of Freddy's, Candy's and POPGOES'.


When BearLock was SpringSally, she was kind, positive, optimistic and she was outgoing. When BearLock is what we see now. She was shy, timid, kind and guilty. However, she does have an evil side which hardly appears.


Fredbear: As Spring Sally, she is pretty kind to Fredbear, calling him amazing.

64 Plushie: The two hardly interact.

Hunter: It is currently unknown if BearLock and Hunter ever get along


  • Despite being a Springlock suit, BearLock is Claustrophobic, meaning she fears closed spaces.
  • BearLock's original design was that she was all purple.
  • BearLock often is shown to be timid and nervous.
  • Despite her name, she is not a bear.