Bartek returns to work in Freddy's but this time, find the truth!


Bartek has grown and is 9 now. His ears inside is still grey, but torso, hands and tail are dark and light green combined. His tail has grown a cat tail with a few bunny tails. He grown large bat wings, with Green stripes and grey polka dots, while his main color still remains Medium light brown.

New powers

He has a new power to turn into a white ball with long spikes. He also can attACK WITH GREEN burning thunder, and transform into StormTek


He wears a gear set thing on between his torso and legs. He also has a bandana and two claws on each hand that he grown, while he has sport bands on his wrists like Sonic Boom Sonic.


While Jacob was his biggest rival, his newest Arch-Nemesis is Freddy and Chica. His other enemies are: Rest of fnaf gang (not including bonnie (ally)), Bartrex (before), Amy rose and Cream the rabbit.


Night guard, robot Fixing person, Boss and #1000000000 in the ranking.


He owns a world and is main soldier of Crew 13. He still thinks Jacob is an evil mad man but no.

Corrupted Bartek' Victims

While in the Corruption from ago comic series, he killled tons of robots and females: Toys, Blaze the cat, The queen of Lipstick and others.

Some of other Barteks from universes series

Medieval Bartek, FNaB Bartek, Apocalypse Bartek, Seviper (Sonic the hedgehog not pokemon), Roblox Admin guy123 and much more


He is a platforming master and can hack video games, pro at using Fire Blade.

Corrupted form appearance

He is Purple, Dark grey and has Red glowing eyes. he also grown horns, more claws, larger teeth, and is bigger



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