"They made a new model of Bonnie, named Bannie. Funny name, but he's really quirky at night and doesn't get along with humans at all." - Phone Guy describing Bannie

Bannie the bunny is a "new and improved" model of Bonnie. He's one of the most aggressive in the pizzeria at night, since he tends to hate heavily on humans.


Bannie is purple with a red bowtie and a red electric guitar. His costume eye pupils are red, though he tends to rip out his costume eyes a lot.  His endoskeleton eyes are pitch black with small, white pupils. He also is faceless.

Tumblr inline nfbhw4gKQi1r7qxhp

Bannie without his face.


Bannie is a sly, quick thinking animatronic and always comes up with a plan to take down the night guard. He tends to malfunction often and when he does, he twitches, sometimes uncontrollably, to the point where he immediately shuts down.

Friends,allies, and Enemies

Bannie has a wide-selection of enemies, a small amount of allies, and a decent amount of friends.

  • Friends
    • Springtrap
    • Foxy The Pirate 1
    • GforGolden (Mangle)
  • allies
    • Springtrap
    • Golden Freddy 2.5 (Femalle form)
    • Foxy The Pirate 1
  • Enemies
    • The Purple One
    • Freddy 1.7
    • The First Freddy Fazbear
    • Mangle, the torn up fox
    • Bill Cipher


  • Sly, quick thinking
  • Black-hearted
  • Piece of scrap
  • Demon bunny
  • Has nobody to care or love for


Bannie has quick reflexes, and is able to jump at any guard to kill them

Bannie always seems to be alone around the pizzeria as he moves, and he tends to attack any other animatronics who provoke him or get in his way

Many night guards are usually very careful when they see Bannie, because it is said that all night guards fear Bannie after hearing of what he has done to past guards and how he "repairs" the toys

Bannie has a strong hate to the toy animatronics, and he HAS attacked and broken all of the ones he calls "enemies". There are a few exceptions of toy animatronics.
Bonnie bunny by assechan-d83cx5e

Bannie after killing a guard, with his endoskeleton eyes visible

Whatever you do, be aware of Bannie...

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