Balloon boy is a boy animatronic who works as a balloon vendor (hence his name). Some of the animatronics and nightguards think there is a human person in his mouth. Nightmarionee's got a theory that purple guy stuffed a child inside of his suit. Even though he was programmed to only say hello and hi he can say other stuff without his human soul who's possessing him sounding like a demon and more like his voice-box. 

Balloon Boy (BB) - FNaF 2


Balloon boy is a nice child to the robots and kinda nice to Jeremy and other nightguards for not killing him and instead disabling his flashlight. He is really slow like Golden Freddy. He is really an annoying child most nightguards say. His sister JJ was an animatronic at Fredbear's family diner.


BB's Mom is unknown and is never seen. His sister is JJ and his best friend and roommate is Foxy. His dad is Nightmare BB.


People thought that Phantom BB is Balloon boys brother. In the year 2000 Balloon boy confirmed that him and Phantom BB are not related at all.

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