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Bacon Bonnie, going under the alias of Baconnie, is a bacon-covered redesign of Bonnie.

Early History

Baconnie started out as a spare Bonnie suit requiring a fair amount of maintenance after being slightly electrocuted after the endoskeleton beneath the suit was exposed to bacon grease. The staff of the pizzeria failed to make the required repairs, and was left Backstage along with other animatronic parts. The endoskeleton left inside the suit started to rust over time, but instead of actual rust, it was starting to become covered in bacon. The deterioration from the endoskeleton then spread to the suit itself, resulting in the whole suit to be covered in bacon.


The name of Bacon Bonnie was given by the original Bonnie after being discovered backstage. The name Baconnie was given to him by Foxy after combining the two words together.

Later History

Baconnie tried to stay out of the animatronics' nightly activities at first, but slowly grew into the habit of attempting to kill the security guard after being persuaded by Foxy. Despite all attempts, he has never been able to enter The Office, except on one occasion, due to being beaten by Foxy after his sprint down the hall. He was given a bad reputation after giving the security guard some slices of bacon during his only visit to The Office. Since then, he's only allowed to leave the backstage area on days after the guard has been killed and stuffed into a Freddy Fazbear suit. That reputation has not changed since he took said actions to earn it.

Today, Baconnie is one of two survivors of the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza establishment. Most of the other animatronics have been scrapped after the closure of the restaurant. The owner of Freddy Fazbacon's Bacon is currently searching for Baconnie, in an effort to reunite him with Freddy Fazbacon, the second survivor, and a Bacon based counterpart of the original Freddy.