Name: Azazel Damian Scapegoat

Gender: Male

Species: Scapegoat Demon (Endangered)

Apparel:  White T-shirt with a purple puffy vest (unzipped and sleeveless) on top and blue jeans

Height: 7 ft 8 in

Weight: 50kg 

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: White with a black streak


Azazel Scapegoat escaped from Hell as his species was endangered from a Homicide so he escaped and found a new life on the surface.


Azazel was made along side his brother, Exodus, genetically engineered. As the last Scapegoats, both were male, but soon Young Azazel got caught up in a Demon V Scapegoat Homicide so he found his way to the surface and to find a new life.


He has studied the power of the owl and he is able to summon swarms of giant owls to fight by his side. He possesses the power of brain manipulation and can kill you with a simple blink.


His weakness is Holy and Demonic objects combined, such as a crucifix and a Pentagram amulet combined.

Power Supply

Azazel runs off a new Element known as purite, a bright white material shaped in the form of a cube.


He has finally found someone whom he trusts, loves, cares for and always helps when down an that person is in his heart.

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