Ayame Ito is a deceased student of [static] High School, who was killed by the Purple Man.


See the photo to the right.


Ayame is a shy girl, easily scared, with a strong devotion to her friends. Whenever she's scared, she will let out a squeaky scream. Despite her nature, she can be brave when she needs to be. She does hide her fearful nature behind a stoic front, however.


None known just yet.


  • Ayame almost never uses her given name. She always uses her surname, Ito. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Her hair used to be black before she died, then it became white.
  • She's close friends with Curson, despite the two of them almost never talking. She wholeheartedly supports Curson's relationship with Sly, and sometimes draws cute sketches of them together.
  • The cause of her death is currently unknown, but it relates to her heart.

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