Ashley is an animatronic that appears in FNaF 2.


Ashley is a female fox with red and grey fur and blue eyes. She starts in the Parts and Services room, and wanders around the Pizzeria.


Ashley runs slightly faster than Foxy, has the ability to jump, and is aggressive towards the player. Similar to Foxy, she lunges at the player. In order to protect yourself from her, use the Freddy Fazbear Head. If the Spider-Team are around, they will stop Ashley as they see her as a threat.


Jumping - It is unknown as to why Ashley has the ability to jump. There are possibly supernatural reasons behind it.

Supernatural Speed - As aforementioned, she is faster than Foxy. Obviously, this is beyond a normal human's speed.


"I'm coming for you!"


"(Girly laugh)"

"There no way o-(static)"