Ashley Cafe is a cafe near Freddy Fazbears Pizza. like FFP , its has animatronics that entertain people during the day. The animatronics is Ashley the Cat , The Purple Guy Animatronic and BunBun the Bunny


1932 - The first Ashley's Cafe opens

1940 - The cafe was shut down until 1956 because of some unknown reason.

1956 - The second cafe opens

1978 - The second cafe shutted down for 9 years due to another unknown reason.

1988 - The third cafe's construction was cancelled.

1990 - the third cafe was recreated and its look was changed.

1997 - a strong typhoon broke the cafes roof and the cafe was destroyed

1998 - the fourth cafe was opened.

2003 - the fourth cafe opens a funhouse beside the cafe.

2010 - the fourth cafe built a party room

2012 - the fourth cafe's party room collapsed and it caused the cafe to close to customers and staff for one year.

2013 - the fourth cafe was fixed and reopened

2014 - the fourth cafe's circuits exploded and burned the fourth cafe

2015 - a horror attraction for ashley's cafe was created.


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