Dis is ma Oc paeg pls donut steel mai oc or foxy husbano wil coem to ur houze and punch ur FAAAAAEC

Mai ocee

Apple Jack


dis ish mai ocee appeh jex, itz mai orignel ponie ocee and iz NOT RELATED 2 APLe JeX SO doN'T SEY i STolE DA IDeeA, CuZ iTZ comPLeTElY diFFEnret


apphe jex is frendly 2 al an is rly tuff an cen knuck applez duwn frum treez dey own an appeh ferm

frendz an famulilyly

Appeh jxe haz a dug namd buko or somthin' lol I 4get X3333

she haz luts of femly an luvs u 2 so luv appeh jex beck or ur jus a stopid hatr hoo haz no soul and dat maeks u a dumas LOL X3333

<3 dats mai ocee guis plz luv her <3

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