Annabella has light golden brown hair and ears the same color as her hair but with a pastel yellow inside. She wears a golden button up flannel with a red velvet jacket over top always unbuttoned. Her flannel has a black collar on it as well. On her jacket are 2 pockets and a pocket watch clipped to it. She tends to wear a black top hat with a red bright ribbon around it with a small tag sticking out of it. She also has dark green eyes and a red velvet skirt going down to her knees.


Annabella is known to be a very witty person. Although she doesn't tend to open up to people real fast but she does tend to develop friendships. She is also a sarcastic person but can sometimes get carried away with it too. She is very protective of those she cares about because she doesn't want to see them hurt. However, she tends to overreact over small situations because of how emotional she can be. She tends to care about others more than herself because she feels she is less important than people she cares alot about, she doesn't like them getting hurt. Other times her sarcasticness may come off to rough on others. Causing her to be a bit rude but doesn't tend to realize it that much.


Annabella was born from a human and a rabbit/human morph. Her father being the rabbit and father morph and her mother the human. She grew up in a very highclass family. Which is where she gets her clothing style from. She was known to overreact over little situations but tended to get over them very quickly which made her stronger. She fights with a spear, an umbrella made of steal for a shield, a sword, and her strength. She is however extremely caring to those she loves and knows best and does her best to defend them at all costs, because she really does not want to lose them. She is self conscious of herself because she feels she is set apart from everyone and thinks downly of herself. 


  • She is left handed
  • She gains her appearance from The Late But Lucky AMR DLC
  • The current role player of this character drew her
  • She is a pansexual

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