"So we made an animatronic of JonTron as our main attraction, y'know? But he ended up glitching out and slapped a worker so hard his jaw fell outta place.It was kinda funny, but I guess we had to stock all of the Original Animatronics, including Jacques, in the basement and that's the worst place to put 'em! But, if JonTron is behind you, just turn the back light on, don't turn around when you hear footsteps behind you, just turn the back light on" -Phone Guy, Night 1, Two Weeks at JonTron

AnimaJonTronic (or JonTron for short) is a character based off the YouTuber JonTron. He is very random and seems to lash out into 'JahnTran' mode a lot, making him kind of spooky/scary.

Route to The Office

Basement (still in box) > Basement (head sticking out of box) > Basement (head covering full camera) > Basement (stairs) > Back Room > Unfinished Jacques Room > Recording Studio > Stage > Workers Only Hallway > Back Door > Outside 1 > Behind you in The Office.


Jontron need no friends, but seriously help Jahn out. He is lonely.


  • When in the basement you can sometimes hear Jon saying "Clocktowel!"
  • When in the Recording Studio you can hear him recording a video.

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