The Angry Video Game Nerd (formerly the Angry Nintendo Nerd, and often nicknamed the Nerd, or AVGN) is the title character and main protagonist of Angry Video Game Nerd web series, portrayed and created by James Rolfe. In most episodes, he reviews a different poorly made video game, complaining, overreacting and often shouting and swearing about either the graphics, controls, difficulty, music, quality, or gameplay. His mortal enemy (and occasional friend) is the Nostalgia Critic.


The Nerd looks like a stereotypical nerd. He wears a pair of glasses and dresses in a white dress shirt (sometimes short or long-sleeved). In the shirt pocket, he has some pens tucked away to throw at whatever frustrates him. Lastly, he wears a pair of khaki pants. In the episode, "Desert Bus", he is seen wearing a pair of

Avgn pls

blue jeans rather than his usual khakis. The Nerd also occasionally wears a silver Atari jacket, and may wear items of clothing appropriate for the time of year, e.g. Santa's hat for Christmas, and even dressed up as a vampire for a Halloween episode.

During tough fights, the Nerd equips his NES accessories to kick the ass of anyone or anything in his way. Once he dressed as the "BatNerd" when reviewing various Batman games.


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