"But be careful! There's one animatronic I discovered... You sure have looked in all the cameras, eh? So, did you saw Backstage, don't you? There is one animatronic... He is "ally the alligator"... But after the incident of "The Leg Loss Bite" we call him "Killer Croc". Keep a close eye on him...He becomes a lot more active if your lights stay off for longs periods of time... I think he don't like light, after all this time on the dark..."

-Phone Guy, Night 3

ally the alligator was one animatronic alligator who was never used again after "The Leg Loss Bite".



ally is not so active on this game. He will start on the backstage and start moving to the dining room at 2AM, but if the player don't use the door lights from time to time, he will be seen crawling through the East Hall and if te player don't close the door he will kill from there. He attacks by jumping with the mouth opened on the player, just like Foxy do in FNAF2.


He starts on Parts/Service and moves through the Game Area, Party Room 3, Party Room 2, and then crawling into the vents. In rare occasions, he can be seen in the Hallway. On the vents, he will not be fooled by the mask, but can be fooled by the vent lights. When on the hall, the player MUST use the flashlight on him for 5 seconds or more and put the mask. Failing in that order or don't do it will result on ally killing the player. He kills appearing in the front of the player and biting him when the player gets the monitor up and down. If the player don't reaches 6AM until ally gets the monitor down they will die.

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