Ali Vail

Ali Vail is not your typical Nightguard.

"Show up again in that form of Dress and You'll be fired before bonnie breathes." Jerry Fischer (manager) to Ali Vail (night guard) 

Ali Vail is a nightguard who worked at both the FNAF 2 location and the FNAF 1 location before she was fired for her constant disrespect to the dress code. 

As a Night guard

Ali Vail typically worked nights that coincided with Jerry Fischer only because animatronics were far less aggressive when he was present. However she often found herself in stressful situations when he was absent. 

At the fnaf 2 location she enjoyed many things including winning a small raptor stuffed animal that she kept on her desk. 


Ali is a very confident young woman with little understanding of the concept of proper dress code. She would often forgo certain items when the room became to warm, (not going to discuss). 

This gave her a bad rep though, everyone could admit she was among the most likeable staff members because she was open, bubbely had a sense of humor, and activily cared enough to help others that she would shed her own welfare for them. She was known for quickly figuring out whether a person was trustworthy. Which she found Mike Schmit to be such one as well as Jerry though she found it difficult to read him, sensing a sad past. 

In Rp

(Because of her personailty she is strictly a PM, though she will often giggle and talk from time to time.)

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