Aki is a not so ordinary highschooler, but the school she attends is unknown.


See the photo to the right.



Aki is a bright and cheerful girl, with a slightly yandere heart. She's deeply devoted to her friends and family, including her twin brother, Akito. She's a skilled fighter, and aims her attacks carefully.


Aki has lost her mind, and will attack anyone. Her attacks have little aim, and are brutal when they hit. Her "yandere-ness" has reached its peak, and anyone who even talks to her brother will be brutally murdered.



  • Spying on people easily.
  • Good aim with a baseball bat or gun.
  • Remaining stoic in traumatic situations.
  • Seeing in the dark.


  • Sensing people from miles away.
  • Radiating hatred, striking fear into weak opponents.
  • Her red eyes glow, allowing her to see in the dark.



  • Curson
  • Sly Cooper (Doesn't know him that much but she trusts him)
  • Akito


  • The Animatronics
  • Kingfireblast
  • The Purple Man


  • Baseball Bat (Made out of steel).
  • A small handgun, which she keeps in her pocket.


  • It's hinted that she has a crush on her twin brother, although this is not confirmed.
  • Her favorite ghost story is Bloody Mary.
  • She tends to hit people that annoy her with her baseball bat.
  • Aki isn't human. She may be a demon, due to her demonic "Berserk" nature.

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