ThIs Is My OcEeE, dU nT eDiT wItHoUt mY pErMiSsIoN.


ThIs wHaT AeLx lOoK lIkE

Aelx Is My OcEe, He Is Le BeSt, YoU fItE hEr, U dIe!!!

Aelx SexUaLy IdEnTiFiEs As An U-bOaT, bUt Aelx AlSo gOeS bY tHe PrOnOunS oF tHeY/tHem/tHeY'rE

mIsS-gEnDeR tHeM, u DiE!!

pRaIsE aElX oR u DiE!!

mEeT tHeM aNd YoU'Ll hAvE tO fItE tHeM, In WhIcH tHeY wIlL aTtAcK wItH rLlY pOwErFuL aTtaCkS, aNd U wIlL bE 1-hIt Ko'Ed!!!

ThIs HaS bEeN AeLx'S oCeE pAgE, dEaL wItH iT!

(End note: if i ever use this, there is something wrong with your rp or it is a joke rp.)

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