"Y'see, we just got a new shipment, I mean it is still in the box..just, watch out for it, we need to tweak the AI, safe." -Phone Guy Night 3.

Adimar is a light blue wolf.


Adimar is a light blue wolf, with a similar snout to Foxy, though his ears are very new with ears with 3 joints. He has a scratch across his back, and a damaged shoulder.


Adimar is almost never serious and always childish, he can always crack a joke in even the worst of times, he also pitches out several innuendos every once and awhile.



Adimar doesn't really care for Freddy, though he will talk to him every once and awhile


Bonnie is Adimar's best friend.


Adimar loves hanging out with Chica, especially because Chica always has Pizza.


Foxy and Adimar can't stand each other,mostly because Adimar replaced Foxy.

Golden Freddy

Adimar is scared straight of Golden Freddy.

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