64 Plushie
64 Plushie-0

64 Plushie (Sometimes called themselves Bec Afton) is a plushie that is possessed by a dead child.


It is quite unknown what gender is 64 Plushie, it is possible they are either male or female. Reasons for being male is due to the fact they are a counterpart of 64 Bot. Reasons for female is that they are possessed by a female child. However it is confirmed they are gender neutral because they are a plushie.


They are very kind. Despite this they are upset they can't change their facial expression due to them being plushie.

Powers and abilities

  • Animal commuication

Relationship with other characters

Azazel: Great friends

Sheirly: Friend

Sapphire Lily Dash: Friend

Tina: Friend, older cousin

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